No. 13. Ed. Allsopp, Richard

Centre for Performance Research:

An introductory listing of archival material kept by CPR reflecting its close relationship to experimental European theatre and theatre forms from other cultures.

No. 14. Ed. Williams, David

Dartington Theatre Archives. Michael Chekhov

An introductory listing of archival material written and recorded of the work of Michael Chekhov. An additional part of the listing refers to other archival material kept at Dartington concerning Martha Graham, Kurt Jooss and Rudolph Laban

No. 15. Kent, Bruce Ward, David Yon, Keith

The arts for young people with special needs

The report of the Carnegie project that summarizes 27 projects held in schools, hospitals and other institutions by a visual artist, a musician and a movement and voice specialist.

No. 16. Ed. Hulton, Peter

Theatre and communities: A Council of Europe Workshop

Transcripts of a Council of Europe workshop which gathered together practitioners and theoreticians from Europe and elsewhere to consider a re-alignment occurring between theatre and communities.





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